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SentryPC – The Best Parental Control and Employee Monitoring Software

SentryPC is an advanced parental control and employee monitoring software which helps safeguard families and businesses alike against Internet and device abuse. The software can monitor user activity to ensure that devices are being used responsibly and securely. It blocks inappropriate websites, restricts applications from being launched, and has extensive reporting features to track user activity. With SentryPC you can keep your family safe from cyber-crime, data breaches, and other online threats, while having control over your employees and their actions both on and off the clock.

Not only does SentryPC provide parents with a powerful tool to monitor their children’s computer activity, but it also helps companies reclaim lost productivity and increase job satisfaction by allowing employers to maintain control over their employees’ activities. SentryPC also makes it easy to properly monitor employee computer activity while ensuring they remain productive and efficient with their time. With SentryPC, businesses can monitor employee Internet activity and improve compliance, as well as monitor employee online chat and prevent data leakage.

SentryPC is an easy-to-use, comprehensive monitoring software that lets you keep a close eye on your users. It’s packed with features to help you protect your family from potentially harmful content, and ensure your employees are up to the task at hand. With SentryPC, you can keep your family safe from cyber-crime, data breaches and other online threats, while having control over your employees and their actions both on and off the clock.

Features of SentryPC

SentryPC is an award-winning computer monitoring software that allows businesses and parents to monitor and control networked computers from any location. With SentryPC, you can track web usage, applications, keystrokes and more.

1. Supports Multiple Devices

With SentryPC users can now access the same account from all their devices, from one centralized location, like a laptop and a smartphone. This gives users the freedom and flexibility to access their data from any device they choose.

2. 24/7 Remote Access in the Cloud

Access your computer remotely with SentryPC. The software offers access to the cloud making it a secure and reliable way to view and manage your computer as you are away.

i. Access anywhere anytime: You will be able to access your computer whenever, and wherever you need. All you need is a secure internet connection.

ii. Centralized management of multiple devices and users: With SentryPC, you can manage multiple devices and users. This makes it easy to keep track of what your users are doing on their computers and when.

iii. Account activity logging: Your login attempts, failed attempts to access accounts, as well as successful logins, are easily viewable on the SentryPC dashboard.

iv. Idle timeout: In case your users lose power or internet connection, SentryPC will automatically detect the lack of activity and lock the user out of their device. This prevents unauthorized logins.

v. Real-time activity viewing and management: With SentryPC, you can view and manage your computer’s activities in real time. This gives you an accurate and detailed overview of what is going on with your computer, allowing you to take action on any suspicious activity.

vi. Two-factor authentication: For additional security, SentryPC offers two-factor authentication. This helps avert potential security breaches by adding an extra layer of protection to limit malicious access attempts.

3. Activity Monitoring & Recording

i. Alert logging: SentryPC logs all of the alerts that have been triggered, allowing you to investigate which alerts have been ignored and investigate further if necessary.

ii. Application usage logging: SentryPC logs all the software applications used on the computer, allowing you to monitor the program usage and see if any programs are not authorized.

iii. Call logging: SentryPC logs inbound and outbound calls received or made on the device, helping you keep track of wireless activity.

iv. Keystrokes typed: SentryPC records every keystroke your users make, making it easier to view exactly what was typed and how it was used.

v. Clipboard logging: SentryPC will also log any content from the clipboard, such as files, URLs, and more. This is a great way to monitor and control what your users have access to.

vi. Events timeline: SentryPC tracks all events happening on the computer, giving you a complete timeline of activity.

vii. File activity logging: SentryPC keeps track of all file activity on the computer, such as new files being created, deleted, or renamed.

viii. Location (IP) logging: SentryPC tracks any logged-in IPs, allowing you to keep track of how the device is being used from different locations.

ix. Notification logging: SentryPC also logs any notifications that appear on the desktop, helping you keep tabs on what your users are up to.

x. Online searches: SentryPC logs all search activity, giving you insight into what terms and sites your users are visiting on the internet.

xi. Portable drive logging: SentryPC will also keep track of any data being copied to and from a USB drive, as well as any other removable media.

xii. Print job logging: SentryPC’s print job logging feature enables users to keep track of all printing activities on a computer. This is ideal for businesses to keep an eye on their data usage and the cost of resources.

xiii. Screenshot Capturing: SentryPC has a powerful screenshot capturing feature that allows its users to capture a screenshot of the computer’s screen in real time. The screenshot capture can be set to capture intervals of 1 minute to 48 hours and the captured screenshots can be easily viewed in the SentryPC control panel.

xiv. Session Logging: SentryPC’s session logging feature allows its users to record the time spent online and the activities done by users during these sessions. Through the session log, parents, employers, and teachers can keep track of how much time users are spending online and on which websites they are visiting. It also provides detailed information about the websites visited, the applications used, and the documents accessed.

xv. Text Message Logging: SentryPC’s text message logging feature allows its users to track not only the incoming and outgoing messages of their children and employees but also the messages that have been deleted. This feature makes it easy to verify if the user has sent or received an inappropriate message or if the user has received threatening messages from third-parties.

xvi. Website Usage Logging: SentryPC also logs the information about user’s websites visited, the pages accessed, the applications used, and the documents downloaded. This feature allows parents, employers, and teachers to analyze the computer usage and see what kind of websites the user is visiting.

xvii. Window Usage Logging: SentryPC logs the windows opened and the applications used by the user in real-time. This feature helps parents, employers, and teachers to quickly assess the user’s computing activities and detect any potential issues before they become serious.

xviii. Overview Summaries: SentryPC provides summary reports that summarize the user’s computer usage, including total online time, total applications used, total websites visited, total cookies blocked, and more. This makes it easy to get an overall view of the user’s computer use in just one report.

xix. Activity Reports: By using SentryPC’s activity reports, parents, employers, and teachers can easily monitor the productivity levels of their users. The reports provide detailed information about the applications used, websites visited, and documents viewed.

xx. Create Visual Charts: SentryPC also allows its users to create visual charts that illustrate the computer usage activity over time. This feature helps parents, employers, and teachers easily draw insight from the user’s activities and make informed decisions on how to guide and better manage the user’s computer usage.

4. Content Filtering & Restriction

i. Application Filtering: SentryPC enables you to block unwanted applications from running on your computer, so you can restrict access to potentially harmful applications or websites. This feature is especially useful for protecting kids from accessing inappropriate content.

ii. Keyword & Phrase Filtering: This feature allows you to monitor activity for specific words and phrases across all activity on the computer. The feature stores key log entries so you can review them at any time, and also blocks websites containing the specified keywords and phrases.

iii. Alert Notifications by Email: SentryPC will send you an email alert when a prohibited word is used on the computer, so you can react immediately to protect.

iv. Website Filtering: You can block access to any website you choose, with the possibility to block access to an entire domain or just a specific website or page. This feature can also be used to restrict access to social media sites, to protect kids from inappropriate content.

v. Activity Alerts by Keyword/Phrase: SentryPC will send you an activity alert for any activity containing the specified keywords or phrases. This is useful for monitoring conversations and activities on social media or other websites.

vi. Security Options: SentryPC includes a range of security options, including the ability to block keylogging and settings to prevent malicious software from running on the computer. This ensures that the computer remains safe and secure while being monitored.

5. Geofencing & Geolocation

This is one of the useful features of SentryPC which allows you to secure your computer from wherever you are. You can set radius and location parameters so that access to the PC is only allowed from certain locations. The geofencing & geolocation capabilities give you yet another layer of control when it comes to who has access to your PC.

This feature is especially useful for parents who are concerned about their children’s online environment. With SentryPC, you can be sure that your child will only have access to age-appropriate websites, programs and applications. Coupled with its built-in keyword monitoring and internet filtering, this ensures that your child’s online experience is safe and secure. This is especially helpful if your child has their own laptop, or access to your computer when you are not around.

It is easy to implement the geofencing & geolocation functions of SentryPC. All you have to do is drag and drop a location on a map to set your virtual fence. Moreover, it is also easy to create a log of activities monitored by SentryPC, such as which websites were visited and how long they were accessed.

Overall, the geofencing & geolocation capabilities of SentryPC make it one of the top security solutions for protecting your children online. You can be sure that they will be safe, no matter what they are doing or where they are. With the ability to monitor and control access from wherever you need.

6. Time Management and Scheduling

SentryPC allows you to manage and schedule the usage of your connected computers in order to maximize productivity. This includes the ability to set up usage rules that restrict access to specific programs, websites, or applications during certain hours of the day or week. This feature is especially useful for those who have children and want to ensure that they are responsibly using their computers.

7. Stealth Operation and Remote Installation

SentryPC also allows for discreet monitoring and control of your computers remotely. This means that you can monitor and manage your connected devices without your children even knowing that they are being monitored. You can also remotely install the SentryPC software on any connected computer so that you can keep an eye on all of your networked machines simultaneously.

8. Easy to Use

i. Subscription Management: SentryPC offers a subscription-based system that gives you access to all of their features for a monthly fee. This system allows you to pay for only the features that you need, making it easier than ever to protect your connected computers.

ii. Intuitive Interface: SentryPC has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to set up and manage your connected computers. The interface is divided into various sections, each of which contains all of the features needed to monitor, manage, and protect your connected devices.

iii. Log Downloading and Archiving: SentryPC also allows for the downloading and archiving of computer activity logs. This is great for keeping a record of all the activities carried out on your networked devices, which can be used for reference or evidence in the case of malicious activity or theft.

iv. Always Updateable: SentryPC is always up to date, ensuring that your computer is protected against the latest threats. This means that you are always protected against the latest viruses and malware that malicious actors may be using to target your computer.

v. Searching, Sorting, and Filtering: SentryPC also offers a powerful search engine that allows you to quickly and easily find the information that you need. You can also sort and filter the results to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Overall, SentryPC is a valuable and comprehensive security and monitoring solution that can help you keep an eye on your user’s activities and make sure your company’s data is secure. With its wide range of features, it’s no surprise that SentryPC is a popular choice for businesses, Parents and IT professionals.

Benefits of SentryPC

SentryPC is a powerful parental control and employee monitoring software that has remained an industry leader since its conception in 2011. It has since been used by many adults, parents, and professionals, who want to ensure their family and employees are safe while they’re away.

The main advantage of SentryPC is the way it allows you to easily monitor and control the activities of your children or employees when you’re not able to be there physically. The software gives you detailed reports about the amount of time, applications, and websites that were used and the keywords and phrases that were typed. By having access to such invaluable information, you can take appropriate actions when you see an issue coming up. As a parent, SentryPC will also monitor activities outside of the internet, such as installation of applications, changes to the operating system, or attempts to access blocked content.

Another great benefit of SentryPC is its flexibility when it comes to customization. You can define the hours and days that the application should be active, set different levels of access for individual users, or even block certain content completely. The software also allows you to limit data transfer so that users can only access the internet through certain times of day or with specific bandwidth limits. All these features make it possible for you to configure the software for to meet the needs of any specific user.

SentryPC also has the ability to capture screenshots of the user’s desktop. This provides tremendous evidence that can be used to confirm if a particular user has been misbehaving or performing certain suspicious activities. Screenshots are taken in a loop and can be stored in the user’s account or in a specific location of the user’s choice.

The software also has some nice extras. For example, it can be used to remotely access a user’s PC, giving you the ability to view the screen and the ability to remotely change settings or start applications. This feature can be extremely beneficial in many scenarios, such as helping a colleague troubleshoot a computer or assisting a family member with a task remotely.

Overall, SentryPC is an excellent choice for anyone looking for easy-to-use and powerful parental control and employee monitoring software. The detailed reports, customizable settings, and remote access make it a powerful tool for any home or business.

Examples of How SentryPC Can Help Parents and Employers

SentryPC is a computer monitoring software that can be used by both parents and employers to help maintain control and oversight of their digital assets. SentryPC provides a range of useful features that aims to help parents and employers alike in many ways, such as monitoring and managing the activity of the monitored devices, blocking websites and applications, filtering online content, and more.

For parents, SentryPC can be used to help protect children while they are online, allowing parents to have control over what their children can and cannot access. In particular, SentryPC allows parents to have control over the websites their kids can access and the applications their children can use on a monitored device. Additionally, SentryPC also provides features such as keyword alert, remote desktop monitoring, video and screenshot capture, application control, and more. These features allow parents to tailor the settings to their individual needs. SentryPC also allows parents to easily view an activity log to see which websites their children have visited, what applications they have used, and any other activity that has taken place.

On the other hand, SentryPC is also useful for employers as it can help employers maintain control over their company’s digital assets. Most significantly, employers can use SentryPC to monitor employee activities, being able to monitor what websites and applications their employees are using, as well as the amount of time being spent on each website. Additionally, SentryPC also has features such as keyword alerts and a live camera view, enabling employers to act immediately if any suspicious activities are taking place. Furthermore, SentryPC also has features such as application and website blocking, video and screenshot capture, and remote desktop monitoring that enable employers to manage the employee computer usage, ensuring that the company’s digital assets are being used properly.

In conclusion, SentryPC is an incredibly useful software that can be used by both parents and employers in many different ways. By allowing parents and employers to have control and oversight of their digital assets, SentryPC will help each of them in protecting their children and their company’s digital assets. By providing essential features such as keyword alerts, remote desktop monitoring, application and website control, website and application blocking, and video and screenshot capture, SentryPC provides the tools that parents and employers need to maintain control of their digital assets.


SentryPC is a computer monitoring and filter software that helps parents, schools, and businesses. It offers a variety of features and pricing plans to suit different needs.

1. Basic plan – $69.95 yearly – Single License with 500 Screenshots.

2. Business 50 – $1495 yearly – 50 Licenses with 500 Screenshots.

3. Business 100 – $2495 yearly – 100 Licenses with 1000 Screenshots.


In conclusion, SentryPC – Parental Control and Employee Monitoring Software is a great investment for businesses, parents, and families. It provides a powerful solution for those needing to monitor, control, and protect their business or children from inappropriate or unauthorized activities, or for parents seeking to ensure their children are using their electronic devices appropriately. With its comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, it offers a comprehensive solution for business and family asset protection across multiple devices. It’s easy-to-use dashboard provides easy access to view and manages device usage, while its in-depth monitoring abilities allow parents and other users to set specific parameters to control web, application, and system access.

Finally, its access-blocking capabilities, collaboration features, and customizable alerts make it an affordable and effective way to secure and protect your digital assets. As such, SentryPC – Parental Control and Employee Monitoring Software is an important tool for ensuring business efficiency, as well as parental and family safety.


  1. How SentryPC works?

    SentryPC works by monitoring and controlling computer usage on one or more user accounts. It does this by restricting access to websites, blocking applications, and controlling access to certain installed programs—all settings set by the admin. It also monitors user activity such as keystrokes, web usage, and application use. All of this data can be accessed and reviewed through the SentryPC web portal. This allows administrators to track and monitor activity on each user’s account.

    This software even has the ability to block certain activities and detect suspicious behavior. SentryPC also provides advanced features like screen capture, screenshot capture, and more to ensure that users stay focused and productive while using the computer. By using SentryPC, companies can ensure that users stay on task and are not spending time on activities that are unproductive or inappropriate.

  2. How to Get Started With SentryPC?

    Are you looking for a powerful and reliable way to protect and monitor your children, family, and employees? SentryPC is a powerful parental control and computer monitoring solution that provides you with instant access to detailed activity at any time you wish. With SentryPC, you can easily monitor and regulate what your family and employees are doing on their computers and you can also block any offensive materials.

    With this comprehensive monitoring solution, you can easily ensure that your family and employees are safe online and that they follow the rules of your organization. In this guide, we will show you how to get started with SentryPC and what you need to know to get up and running quickly.

    Requirements: Before you can start using SentryPC, there are a few requirements that you will need to meet. Firstly, you should have a valid license for the software on your computer. Secondly, you will need to install the appropriate version of SentryPC software on the computer to use the service. Lastly, you need to make sure that the computer system you intend to monitor meets the SentryPC system requirements.

    Installation Instructions: Installing SentryPC on your computer is simple. First, download and install the appropriate version of SentryPC on the computer you wish to monitor. During the installation process, you will be asked to enter your license key, so make sure to have your key ready. After the installation is complete, click “Next” and then “Finish” to complete the installation.

    Getting & Activating a License: The next step is to obtain and activate a license for SentryPC. You can obtain a license from the SentryPC website or a reseller. Choose the license option most suitable for your needs and proceed to payment. Once you have completed the purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email that will contain your license key. You must enter this key to activate the software. Once this is done, you will be able to access all the features of SentryPC and start monitoring the target computer.

    There you have it; now you know how to get started with SentryPC. With a few simple steps, you will be able to keep your family and employees safe online and ensure that they follow the rules of your organization.

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